Just like your phone or computer or even car, every once in a while, when things are going slower, getting stuck or simply blocked, it’s time for an MOT, a cleanse or a change of oil.  With us humans, it works in a similar way...Meridians, energy centres, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems can all get blocked and stop flowing smoothly, causing de-compression, pain, confusion and just a general“stuck-ness”.


Enter Melchior, who uses a holistic mix of Quantum, Reiki, Theta-Healing, Alchemy, Chakra Balancing, Applied Kinesiology, Imagery, Numerology and Sophrology during his energising sessions to re-align 11 different systems, as he uses energy blockage release methods, creating a balance in energy flow within and around the body and a general feeling of clarity, calm and inner peace.


His integrated, holistic healing allows for an optimisation in overall health and well-being - freeing negative and limiting thought patterns. His technique helps you to reconnect your energy cords to the universe, enabling you to re-member who you really are at your core and align to your purpose and passion. Each session is skilfully completed with a foot reflexology treatment and a concluding coaching session, to underscore the insights and emotional empowerment gained during the session. Recent sessions have resulted in tinnitus disappearing, operations cancelled due to regained movement and elimination of pain.


Melchior, who grew up on Ibiza, has always been fascinated with the body and mind connection, using them to stay healthy, think clearly and achieve maximum performance in sport as a player and coach. He loves to teach people to learn how to tune into their body, emotions and find their own answers with different methods of communication with the subconscious. He offers individual and group sessions as well as teaching how to connect with the self.

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