IQM by Louise Mita
Quantum Alchemy

IQM Integrated Quantum Medicine is Louise Mita's Life work, combining Hawaiian Huna Magic, Quantum Theory, Qi Gong and Chinese Energy Medicine, as well as Anatomy and Physiology.

Studying with her on Ibiza and in Hawaii has been a magical experience and I will be teaching it myself very soon. 

Louise is a shining of example of energy in harmony and is an active inspiration.

IQM works amazingly quickly and is very thorough with the clients feeling a difference right away, both in person and remotely. When I first began learning IQM several years ago, it was as if I had been working for 15 years with brakes on!

I use IQM daily on myself and others, changing the Frequency, changing the state, changing the energy and the whole outlook and situation.

I recommend learning IQM to anyone who wants to begin changing their Frequency and taking their life into their own hands!

Here's her website:

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.”
Attributed to Alexandra Trenfor

I was given a beautiful amulet by a friend in Goa for my birthday. He said it would protect and cleanse me.

A year later, I was given a session as a birthday gift with Richard, a French Druid Alchemist and it turns out, he was the creator of the amulet and used it as a pendulum during his Quantum Alchemy sessions.

I then went and took two courses with him and was fascinated by the precision and power of these pendulums and other Frequency tools.

I use them for constant energy sending (like when someone has a cancer and is going through Chemotherapy) and for Space Clearing and negative energy Cleanses.

The amulets are very beautiful and I usually have some with me, however you are more than welcome to get them from Richard directly here.

I also learned a technique which is called LNT or La Nueva Terapía which is a different type of Quantum Connection to IQM and Quantum Alchemy and I find that the information all crosses over and is the same, the only thing that changes is the method of inquiry or testing and the way to modify the Frequency.

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