Love, Weddings & Alchemical Magic
6Months Unltd.
Laser Sessions
1, 2 or 3 Sessions


  •         Quantum Transformation & Empowerment - Destination Weddings - Alchemical Relationships

  • INDIVIDUAL RESET & RECHARGE SESSION: Clear blockages, gain insight, glow!

  • PERSONAL QUANTUM COACHING: Raise Your Frequency to a higher level than your current reality.


  • GUIDED QUANTUM MEDITATIONS: A journey into self for health, abundance, romance and spirit.

  • CONSCIOUS CONNECTION COURSES: Learn how to connect to Source & Higher Knowledge.

  • PRESENTATIONS & SPEAKING: Performance, Quantum Alchemy, Balance, Energy, Brainwaves, Numerology, etc...

  • BLESSINGS & CEREMONIES: Weddings, Baby Naming, Life Celebrations (Funerals), Home & Land Blessing Rituals

  • New Website coming soon!

"If you could get rid of yourself just once,

 the secret of secrets would open to you. 

 The face of the unknown,

 hidden beyond the universe

 would appear on the mirror of your perception."



"Out Beyond Ideas Of Rightdoing And Wrongdoing
 There is A Field -
 I Will Meet You There."



Rumi Sufi mystic and poet, 1207-1273


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Thank you Thank you Thank you! 
Your Quantum experience and visuals are just magic! I was transported momentarily to a world I always dreamt of. Now I shall make it happen!
Melchior, you are a natural.

I just wanted to inform you that tomorrow I will not do the surgery and have cancelled the appointment in the hospital today. The pain in my shoulder has not come back yet and has gone away hopefully forever. Whatever magic in Ibiza happened, it is a gift for me. Thank you so much!

 I had a spiritual empowerment session with Melchior Arnold dealing with fertility and having a healthy pregnancy... I’m pleased to say that I am now 13 weeks pregnant and all is going well so far! 

Alexea Grech, Travel Designer

Susanna, Switzerland

Lisa, UK

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