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Areas of Expertise

Having celebrated over 600 Wedding Ceremonies, Blessings and Rituals on Ibiza and in different countries around the World, I love to be part of one of the most important remaining rites of passage of humankind. I believe that the guiding light in our life, what makes life special is love in all its forms, starting with nature. My ceremonies are heart-felt, inclusive and easily accessible for all beliefs, languages and personal histories. Please see my Ibiza Wedding Celebrants website for more info, testimonials, photos and more!

IQM Teacher/Practitioner + Energetics 

As a Certified IQM Practitioner and teacher, MindJung Mentor, Coach, Quantum Alchemist and Dr. Joe Dispenza student, I believe that true freedom lies in our own capacity to choose our emotional state at all times, regardless of the challenges facing us and the deep inner conviction and belief that whatever the situation, we will find a way and this too will pass. 


By clearing  trauma, karma, expectations and disempowering programming on all levels, we set the stage for aligning the body, opening the heart and activating the power of our mind. This effectively transforms all relationships, health, wealth and enables the smooth transition from hopeless, confused victims to decisive, clear, empowered heroes.

Alchemical Relationships

Alchemical Relationships are like life, in constant transformation. We move from desiring love, intimacy and relationships to meeting, dating, marrying, having children or not, keeping the flame alive or separation, to then repeat...often, carrying our traumas, pain, beliefs and expectations with us.


Through my own relationships and through all the sessions, conversations and studies, I have come to find that most of our physical, emotional and mental pain and issues stem from our most important relationships.


Alchemical Relationships are all about creating conscious, aware connections where growth, harmony, understanding and playful companionship are at the forefront and transformation is encouraged and supported fully.


These relationships form one of the keys to our happiness, health, success and peace of mind during our adventure on this earth.

My Approach

KISS. Keep it Super Simple. 

I Empower You To Take Your Own Life Back into Your Own Hands and Live Your BEST Life ever. 

Paint Your Life in Your Colours. Create It Your Way!

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My Approach
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